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About Envoan

We are group of people with heart on the right place. We take as much care as possible to save "actually only" Cats and Kittens, find new loving homes for them, socialise, cure, clean and teach them to be the best friend.

What We Do

We fight for those who can't. 

We try to help in all possible ways
Save street  cats and take care of them

Rescuing kittnens and finding new loving home for them.

Discussing with goverments conditions of rescuing instead of killing street cats

Using lawyers in difficult cases and trying to change laws to be  able punish people who hurt animals

We also support others with all we can if we have enough. 

We are trying to check vets and other stations to see if their care is good enough.


Who We Are

We are hard working people who still looking for new members, to create huge powerful comunity. This can help alot to change things to better.

Join us

Be one of those who know what is good and what is wrong. Join our comunity and help with any possible resources, infuence, services, unseful contacts and more.

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