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Alive in a trash closed in plastic bag!

Charco del Pino, the site of screaming plastic bags in one of the garbage cans. Two beautiful and completely healthy kittens was found "trashed" Thanks to local cat lover they didnt end their life too soon.

Envoan got a message about this disgusting act and didn't wait. Jumped in a car and went to the "crime scene" Sad granny gave us transport box with two scared kittens and with big thanks said good byt. Thru the way, one of them was crying alot, so I took her on my lap and cuddle him all the way home.

After detailed inspection we found out, kittens are boy and girl and dont have even a scratch with perfect health. They was about 6 weeks old.

We gave them roof, place to sleep, friends, toys and lots of food and water. In time of writing this article one of them is already adopted in a new family and second one is still waiting after short episode where new family adopted her and after few days brought her back with no reason.

This time we saved them and let them grow and have a nice life, but what about next time ? Then, when we will not be around?

Message to people who do this ugly stuff: I wish you from whole my heart the same thing. I wish you to be "trashed" in any possible way, but without rescue. Then you maybe understand what you did and what is the value of life.

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