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Disaster brought me to paradise!

Note: This story is told directly by mr. Donut

Since I don't know anything before the accident, I can only start there. It was a really big hit and it did wipe my memory.

My back leg hurts terribly and I can't move a muscle. I feel almost paralyzed. Lying on the side of the road in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees. One hour, two hours, and I am still unable to move. Can't remember why and how I got here and why I'm in so much pain. In addition, my ears are burning already. Cars driving around really fast make a little wind, so at least it makes me feel a little better.

Somehow I've got to do it. I have to get out of the road before it gets worse. But how? I am still unable to move.

Wo wo wo, the car has stopped. It looks like you hit me. A nice young woman steps out of the vehicle...

Approaching me...


Yes. She is an angel. Speaking to me and asking me about what happened...

I just meowed. I was trying to demonstrate how bad the situation is.

She looked around, took me in her arms, and let me sit next to her in the car. A few minutes later, we stopped. She kept reassuring me that everything would be alright and that she would be there for me.

Now, she has left the car....

where did you goooo?

She opened my door and took me in her arms again. The pain is awful. We're in the clinic now. You can smell it. You can hear all the animals. I can see her speaking with the doctor. She might be asking how she can help.

Oh, what the?

The assistant placed me on a cold nice it was to feel some cold after all that heat.

A doctor came and examined me. He pointed to my ears and said something. I cannot understand him, but his face does not appear happy. I am worried.

He is touching my leg, too! Auch! Be careful, it hurts like hell!

Move me to another table. It is fortunately also cold. Assembling some machines now. He came in a new outfit. It may be the latest model of the medical suit.

It appears they do not want me to move.

And now click. Did you hear that? Back to the first table again? These people are crazy. Where is my angel face? I want to see her, she made me very calm.

She is gone :-( She just left me here and now she is gone :-(

The doctor came with a large injection and spoke with another individual.

Aaah, again?

Just wa t befo e I wil b .........

Was I sleeping? Where am I? I don't understand. It looks like a cage. I should move.

There is food and water. I want to drink. I am fucking thirsty.

Yes! I can move. Yeah! I can move.

But I feel like I'm drunk. What have the doctors done to me?

My ears itch badly. I must scratch them.

Oh, yeah. That's it.


Why are you yelling at me?

What did I do?

Scratch, oh yes, scratch. My ears itch!

The cone?


What is it for?

All right.

Let them do as they please and scratch later.

Haha. Thanks, Doc. You go. I'm going to drink and eat and scratch my ears.

Can't scratch...Good system Doc...

Yay. I was so thirsty.

To shorten the story, I'm cutting out all the routines and boring days.

Basically, I broke my leg, burned my ears, and was totally shocked. That's why I couldn't move.

They fixed my leg, cut all the burned parts of my ears, and put on the cone, so I look like a total idiot now. + they found "Leucemia", which I don't know what it is.

There have been times when my angel face came to see me. She wasn't here every day, but she has come a few times. She was talking to me, cuddling me, so I enjoyed it alot. She's much better than being alone like most of the other pets here who cry.

Besides her, I met a couple. They were coming here to meet another cat and always cuddle me. They were talking to me and playing around with me. It made me feel great, better than Angel Face. I was looking forward to seeing them again the next day. I hoped their cat would stay here longer, so they will keep coming back.

Oh, and they call me Donut :-)

It did, but Angel face was appearing less and less. She was explaining something to me, but I do not recall what it was at the moment. I am learning how to speak with the guy from the couple. He is a really good teacher and I can feel his heart is so big and trying to teach me everything. Awesome.

Today they came for the cat and took her home. Im not sure, but it looks like they said good bye to me too. If I learned well, I'm right and I'm alone now.

It's really sad here. People come, animals come, all the time scream. I'm not really happy now. I'm still trying to figure out what to do. I'm getting bored. I want to go out.

Then I heard it: the voice I remember. The voice that goes through my head all the time. The sound coming from the man from the couple. WTF ? He's here? Really ? With another cat ? Will he come every day again?

Yes, I can see him.


He has no cat in his hand. .....

So he will not come every day :-(

He's coming to me...

Hey, I've missed you a lot!

Opening the cage...

Took me into his arms...

And he cuddled me. Oh, how wonderful.

I know he'll leave, but it's great now.

It's a little hard for me to understand him, but he's trying to tell me something.

He put me in a box!

Not in a cage.


We're leaving!



He took me with him. Now I have a home. Yeeeeees, Yeeeeees. Im so fuckin' happy.

I'm all smiles right now. Can't wait untill we get there. How is it going to be, where is it? Is it nice? Is it cold or warm?

We're here. We're leaving the car. Telling me it's going to be great from now on.

Let's do this. Opening the door...

There are cats.

Lots of cats.

What? Another clinic? Nooooo!

There's no clinic here. It's a shelter.

I've never seen so many happy cats in my life. I think I'll love it here.

I'm alone in such a large room? Why don't you meet me with others? That's weird. I'm sure they'll explain it then. Now I'm here.

There are cats everywhere... from all sides. Hey guys, how's it going? I'm Donut. Cat from the highway...

I asked them all about themselves and how they came to be here. Except one. His name is Macu. He was an old boss and didn't talk to me. I hope it changes aventually.

Okay. Let's get started.

I learned how to understand people and how to reply after the man taught me.

Now I know why I'm alone and what that "Leucemia" is about

You know, it's a little boring here alone, listening to all the nonsense from the young guys and girls here, but I'm happy. I can go outside anytime they come here, because I'm totally trustworthy.

I get so much cuddle that sometimes I don't even want more...But that only happened once :-)

Today I'm in a room with four kittens who had the same "luck" I had and have leukemia. I'm very happy.

Can't get any better. My room is my kingdom, I take care of the little ones.

I ride in a car with my uncle.

My leg is fixed, so I need to walk to exercise. My ears no longer itch, and they look great now.

I look pretty special now. Short hair, short ears, and a big muscle(maybe lttle fat) body.

I got a bath today. It was cool !

That's my story.

I hope your cats have good luck like I did when I had a bad day.

Paws up guys !!!

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