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Group of dog lovers collected food for our cat shelter!

Not long time ago we had a volunteers from other side of island. They were really very nice couple and helped in all possible ways. We have enjoyed their company and I think, they enjoyed ours and of course cats.

A woman felt in love with one of our kittens and can not stop to cuddle her and speak about her. Unfortunately it was not easy for her to adopt kitten and we knew it, so we didn't push it.

Few days later her husband sent us a message asking for the kitten. She was still here and husband agreed to bring the kitten home and surprise his wife.

In the end they came both and we was so happy to see new mommy and daddy of this beauty. They were all very happy and cat liked them too. They went home.....

Mommy take real care, so if there was even little something, she was asking to be sure everything is all right. They visited vet and make a check of the kitten. She had little infection, but nothing serious. Few days with sweet sirup and all was great.

Today 31.10.2021 a message came........

These dog lovers and members of Dog group called Manada Masqueperros

where parents of kitten are members...

Arranged collection of food for us. It is incredible how great can some people be if they are in good company. We have no idea how to thanks for this support, but I'm pretty sure we will find a way.

Fran & Esther (new parents of the kitten) brought all the food from other side of island to us directly to the shelter.

They brought collected food and one surprise........ little "Zoe" who is now real member of family and loved kitten who can even walk outdoors on leash.

One day we must meet you guys and arrange at least a trip together to thank you personaly.

Our cats are very happy for your gifts and they thank you the most.

Enjoy your nice lives and remember: You just helped save a life!

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1 Comment

Esther Montero Dorta
Esther Montero Dorta
Oct 31, 2021

Thanks to you!! You're awesome and what you do for the cats is just amazing!! We and our group will be helping you again when we have the chance!! 😻

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