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How do they have millions of views?

In the beginning, those who are not interested in animals, their lives, help an saving then, you don't need to read more.

Why don't we have millions of views?

The answer is simple but has to be written in many words.

Something about us:

We are only 2. By words two. Me and her. And we do care about usually 80 cats. All of them was found, brought to us by people, wounded, sick, pregnant mothers, kittens without mother, etc.

Trust me. It isn't really a dream job to take care of all of it. It doesn't only feed them and go. All of them are like a family to us and we treat them that way.

When we started, somebody brought us 8 kittens. Seemed to be from one mother. Incredible, but true. We separated them into their own room and took care of them as good as we could. In a few days, the kittens got diarrhea and lost appetite, got weak...We had no idea what is it. So we went to the vet and she tested them for Panleucopenia. Motherfucking virus with an 80% killing rate. At that time we knew just a little about this disease, as anyone else. Only that, it is eating the kitten from the inside until it dies and there was never a developed cure. Nowadays they sell something called a cure, but it also doesn't help as a cure. These kittens died one by one. Half of the guilt belongs to the vet who didn't give us antibiotics, but only some kind of colored water ( she is a stupid asshole fucker bitch) Later we got more and more cats sick with this, but we study it a lot and I found a way to save almost everyone. The treatment I found (mix ) was really working.

Panleucopenia can be treated only by the cat's body. For this, the cat has to be very strong, but it is difficult when something eats her from the inside. I solved this problem. Since then, nobody died of panleukopenia at our place.

This "job" is not only nice. it is full of sadness and needs a very big heart to withstand the pressure of dying, sick, blood-covered injured cats. I can tell you, it is extremely difficult if you have a heart. And we will never change this, because be only an ice-cold machine, then you can't do this for real.

Back to us. Our house is very very small and for 80 cats it is really a problem. We use a garage, we built a little shelter on the roof, but it is still not enough. Also with that, we would love to help more and never want to say no to helping a cat.

That's our biggest problem. Because we have no donors, we have no chance to get a better and bigger place for the cats. They could have "paradise" for not really much, but even that is too much for us.

All our cats are educated, because we do care as much as we can and giving them all free time. If they go out for a walk, then is enough to call the name and the cat will come as a dog. They are loyal and loving cats who unfortunately have no loving family and have to stay with us. I wish to have a shelter where can be at least 500 cats with a lot of space, but on the other hand, I would like to have only 5 because we find so quickly a family for them.

Those who never had a cat can not understand what the cat even means. She is loving you, she pets you, and she wants to be with you. But she is like a human. Only when she wants that. You can't push her or give her an order. That's the difference between a cat and a dog. They also help you psychically when you feel terrible and suck out all the bad from you. They feel with you and even know how you feel even if you try to hide it. They are perfect animals.

Why don't we have those heartwarming videos where you can see all the suffering and pain, the process of healing, and going to better shape to be finally a perfectly nice, and super cute animal?

The reason is simple: We do not care about videos, publicity, viewers, or comments about how good we are and how great work have we done. We do care at first about the animal. In our case Cats.

Example: Lonely, frozen kitten, no more than 3 weeks old, meowing in the snow or some bush in freezing weather. At least one minute of focusing the camera on this kitten in the beginning. The usual procedure: how they do all the "shit" needed to make a good video and tadaaaaa - nice cat.

What do we do if we see something like that? immediately grab the kitten and warm him up. Check if doesn't have any visible injuries. In case we are on our own, we put the kitten under a jacket, sweater, etc., and warm it by hand and explain, that now everything will be okay. The second phase is looking for others or the mother, which can be quite far, so we make a nice round trip. Kittens like this are never alone. Somebody throw them out or the kitten really got lost (not really happen often, the mother knows exactly she is missing a kitten)

If you see, until now we still didn't even think about a camera or phone. except calling the vet to make check on the kitten for inside problems, and even that we do as the last thing in the car when we leave the place and go home.

At that time we finally can pull up the camera and make a photo or little video of the kitten. Something just to document the situation.

We visit the vet usually immediately if it is not too late or if is not closed. in that case, we go on the second day if there is nothing really bad that needs extra care and extra hours of a vet. If the kitten is okay and stabilized. Once the check is okay and the kitten is fully healthy and fed, we bring him home where have warm, friends, lots of food, and no need to be afraid of anything. Then maybe we make some other picture or video of how the kitten is playing and is okay.

We raise the kitten until the day when is big enough to be adopted and find him a family where spend a nice time and will be loved until the end of his time.

Now think about it for a while. I saw tons of videos in this same way. They only make money and they are not really interested in helping.

I also saw and proved many times that at least 80% of these videos are prepared fakes. (WTF?)

Then there is another group of people. usually young motherfucking imbeciles....... there are no words to describe them.

They make videos of wounded, suffering animals just to share them on social networks and have views. What kind of (I don't know that many bad names for these people) can do that? Leave the animal to suffer and go after his video is done.

There are tons of these on social networks and the networks tolerate it. The Law tolerates it. This has to be punished the same as with people. Not helping suffering animals = Jail. It is the same as being compliant with murder. And all the viewers and likers of the videos would be punished the same way.

I wish from whole my heart for those people (they are people maybe by name, otherwise they are hyenas) to get into the same situation. I will come with a camera and make a video of them suffering and asking for help to save a life. I really wish this for them a lot.

Never seen this kick of video where people help them. Give them at least water. Nothing. I personally can't meet these people, because it will end badly.

Our governments have to be very shy to not care about this. Maybe if some Mayors or high politicians have a similar problem with their pet, then maybe they move their ass and do something.

Many celebrities have pets, dogs, and cats, and love them like a family. That's how it has to be. Many of them fight for animal rights. Unfortunately, they do it the wrong way. They just waste money in the wrong places and in the wrong way. If they do it correctly, then things move very quickly.

Imagine all those people with huge influence joined together. With all their followers which can be over a billion if they join, there will change almost immediately.

But as many others. Half of the celebrities and influential people do it only to be seen as animal savers.

We already have a plan in place for some time, but it is impossible with big influence and some money. All that those rich and famous people have. But they don't care. They care only about their careers. Even if they have pets at home. They overlook others without a home, are wounded, etc.

The Point: Why people who help animals and I mean really help are poor? Because they give everything to save the animals and help them. They have priorities in the right place. Most of you have no idea what is it like to sacrifice yourself to save animals. Those animals didn't come to hurt us or make trouble for us. We raised them, we brought them to every state, and multiply them. It is all our fault and now we let them just suffer and die? People sucks!

And who you are? The one who doesn't care or the one who does and wants to help and see the happy animal grateful because you saved him?

What if your own pet is sick and will probably die? All only because you have no money, no support and treatment is above your budget? This makes you mourn even more. And if there is somebody like us, your pet can survive and stay with you for many more years as a member of your family.

I don't really expect anyone to help us or support our thing, but I also wish to be very surprised that somebody will.

I you anyway decide to be part of "DEPARTMENT OF CATS PROTECTION" Where actually very slow, but growing members who really care! Join us, contact us, support us and we can make a change.

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