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How much veterinarians care about cats life?

Simply - not much - There will be whole series about clinics and their behavior & love to animals

One very actual ecample. Sick cat who missing nose and part of face is waiting actually

!15! - FIFTEEN days for results of biopsia. What if theese two weeks was the only time she had and now can be too late to save her life?

I actually hope and want her to be hurt by human and not by cancer. I know it doesn't sound nice, but only this way, waiting will not kill her.

Laboratory is in Barcelona and for us is prohibited to get in touch with them, so we can't even push them to be faster.

We want only the beauty Red Skull to smile again and be nice happy cat. Which see actually is not thanks to pain and open cut nose. Feeding is difficult and she can eat only something what can not get in her nose. Otherwise she start cough for few min and she doesn't really feel good that time.

She is getting cure as she has to. It's a big challenge, becuase we must hide it to the food and hope she dont recognize. Luckily it worked everytime.

Every day we now check if nothing is worse, is she is totally okay, to be sure we are not loosing her.

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