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Owner gets rid of the cat, like its a trash

As sometimes happen, one day somebody knocks on our gate. So we went open. There was a young guy. He told us, he is sent by one veterinarian and he was told we help. (very kind of veterinarian - irony) He had a beautiful cat inside the car. She seemed she likes the car and driving because she was really cool inside.

His story was, that the owners of the cat left their place for good and kept the beauty there. So he came to help and save the cat - of course, it is bullshit! But the cat was here.

Incredibly cute girl. She let us touch her, pet her and even take to hand and she seemed very happy. We had actually no space for a new cat because all our quarantine places were used by other cats once we needed more space. This was a problem.


Guy told us, she has all the vaccinations, she is sterilized, etc. That changed a thing and even if we didn't really have space, we accepted her. Couldnt look into her eyes and say no. We gave her to a smaller group of calm cats and actually, she was kinda friendly to everyone, so they accepted her.

The guy never asked for the cat and didn't even support the cat with food or money.

Her name supposes to be Carlita, so we call her this name and it seems it works. She is definitely a house cat. She knows exactly what to do, where to sleep, and all manners of an indoor cat.

I guess she is about a year old and that makes a very big problem. Cats with this coloring at this age are almost impossible to adopt even if they are the best in the world. We will try as hard as possible, but I guess she stay with us.

We are trying to bring her to our house. Show her something new and real home, but she is quite shy and always returns to her place almost immediately.

She seems to be happy there, but I know and I can see, she needs people. She loves people and she is a very great friend to people.

Now tell me? What bastard throws away so awesome cat without any single problem?

I can tell you: The biggest one! And there are so many on this fucking money island!

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