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Red Skull: Difficult situation pt1

One very great woman who obviously try her best to save animals of all kinds and everywhere, told us about sweet cat living in garden on local school and having probably cancer, because her nose is missing.

There are informations, she is 13 or more y.o. but by us and by deep check with 2 doctors, she could be between 4-6 y.o. Officialy she has no owner. There is a info about woman who feed her every day many years, but we didnt find a woman who would take care of the cat.

As soon as it was possible, we took the cat with help of the woman and here friend to our place.

Get out of my cage!!!

She was scared and in pain. She had fresh blood on mouth, under place where suppose to be nose and legs with which she was cleaning it. Seems very sad and crying when you came to speak with her.

First time with us in new "house"

We could not keep it that way and started to search. What is the best way for the cat, to not scare her with nonsense visits of clinic, but also the fastest way to help her. It took around a week to find very good clinic with very great chirurgist.

Because we was pushing for fast meeting, we got it for next day.

Meanwhile, we gave her comix name to feel better and she seem to accepted it :-)

"Red Skull"

She liked to work with us, always was looking and checking what is happening.

I'am boss of the construccion

She was not happy to get in to transport box, but in the end she did and we could go.

Clinic and people there was stunning. Absolutely briliant from a to z. Colaboration of clinic owner, chirurgist and me was running great and smooth. From making her sleep to blood samples to biopsia, all went perfect.

All needed was done that day and we had to let Red Skull sleep a bit before we drive her home.

Meanwhile we got prescriptions for medicaments for her, to heal as much as possible before cosmetic surgery.

Factura was expected high, but in this case it was little higher...Of course we paid without hesitation!

Not even tons of money is no reason to not help! It is a living being for fuck sake!

As soon as come result of biopsy, Red Skull will be beautiful cat again after difficult surgery and some time of hard times of recovery.

On the way home with uncle

At home finally

"Looking forward for a day of surgery when Red Skull will finally smile again"

And as always, you have a chance to support us, to be able save another. There are comming new every day. Not so hard cases, but comming. Need roof, bed to sleep, all the time food and water, aunt and uncle who take care and vet for vaccines or in case of something bad.

If you click to recurring payment, then you dont have to care about it anymore and the same amount will come to us next month.

Save a life!

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