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The nightmare!

Tonight at 6 a.m. we had a great wake up. A rain storm has come. Not a romantic rain really.

How did it look, you can see by yourself. (no we don't have more containers to catch the water)

Why the water inside the shelter ? Simply because the wind storm two days ago took the iron plating from the roof and then there is just wood which is not really waterproof. Actually we covered that with plastic (whole skelet of the shelter has moved), but there has to come wind and rain again.

As locals say, they dont remember this weather in last ten years.

So after the wind witch was about 100km/h came a rain. The roof was penetrated, but it was still in one piece. Second rain made the disaster. Not only us, parts of island was under the water totally.

We took now all 73 cats into our apartment, but obviously it can not last long.

We can now just pray to win the lotery to be able to repair the roof and walls and of course for weather without heavy wind and rain.

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