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The Survivor

Three-colored blue beauty is one of those who had no luck in life and tried to survive in terrible conditions inside tubes of air-conditioning in the underground garage.

Luckily, there was a woman named Leticia who feed her at least once a day and I guess, she saved her life by that.

Like most people, Leticia has no possibility to adopt the cat. She also never had a chance to get closer, because the cat was 2m high and always ran away when she tried to get closer.

Leticia decided to do more and start calling shelters and asking for help. She was listening always the same answer which we really hate: "we are full, we can not help" Until she found us!

Described the situation in the message and asked for help. Doesn't take long and we were there. If we can, we always go immediately and don't care about anything but a cat.

Leticia was already awaiting us with her daughter. They both were very nice, smiling people and I saw their hearts is big enough to take care of others at first sight.

We didn't see the cat that time, but marks from scratching showed the path that cat was using to get food and back. I gave Leticia a trap and helped her set it up.

Wishing good luck we left home expecting news as soon as possible.

And news really comes quite quickly. Late evening we went to get a trapped kitty.

Expecting a non-domesticated cat as usual we looked under the blanket covering the trap and "wild cat" was hissing and jumping on us. "Raw baby" I thought. And there will be a lot of work with her.

We took the trap and went to the shelter.

On the way, the kitten was crying and it was difficult to calm her down. On the one hand, it was a very good sign. Usually, those who cry are not afraid, which is great for her.

Coming into shelter expecting the release of the wild cat was changed to calm and very curious income. Our new beauty was discovering her new apartment and didn't seem angry at all. We gave her time to accommodate and left her. Very skinny, hungry and obviously did not know love and people and was calming down in her new house.

Of course, she was hungry and thirsty, so she ate like crazy.

I came back in about an hour and couldn't believe my eyes. Kitty was purring and tried to come to me in a nice way touching the cage with her head. It was surprising and very cute.

I opened the cage and she was the sweetest cat in the world. Cuddling me, jumping on my lap, and almost trying to eat me with love.

Some cleaning was needed of course, so I took a brush and strated. Result was fabulous!

I call her Suri because she has been surviving at least weeks in tubes without love and family and she made it!

Since then, she is better and better. Gaining weight, eating with love, being in very great condition and very healthy.

Nowadays you almost need to drop her off to be able to leave the room where she stays. She would love to stay with you all the time. She is a bit jealous of other cats and doesn't like to smell others from your hands, but I'm working on this and we will eliminate this little "bug"

Suri is already ready for adoption. Unfortunately, she is so active and never stops even if you cuddle her, so it is very difficult to make even a picture of her, so there are mostly videos.

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