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Beautiful ginger was found!

Late in the evening we got a phone call from our friend who takes care of many stray cats in the colony.

There was a new member of the group. A very well-groomed, muscular ginger. Nobody knew where he was from and who owns There was only one certainty: He was lost! The lack of sterilization confirmed our assumptions about a typical male's big trip to find a woman.

He was taken to our shelter immediately. He was totally lost outside and being with other cats wasn't good for him when they didn't accept him.

He got his own separated place, food and went to sleep.

The next day we made photos of him and shared them almost everywhere possible on the net. Our friend also made flyers and placed them near the colony where people live.

How days passed, we spent more and more time with ginger and we are now absolutely sure he was thrown away. Obviously, somebody didn't like him at home.

First of all, nobody replied, nobody called. Like the family of his, never existed.

Second: He is terrified of everything human. Especially hand.

In almost two weeks, he did very little progress. It must be very deep inside his soul.

If we stay with him personally longer time, he becomes more relaxed and we can even see his tail, which is always hidden under the body. Whenever we leave and return, he is in the same state of fear.

We are working very hard with him and I hope we find him home where he gets only and only love until the end of his days.

Hold on, boy!

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