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Survived an attempt to murder!

Why people don't take responsibility for their actions? Because they do NOT! care about others. In this case Cat!

They are brainless, stupid idiotic, bad with no moral context and in the end, still apes stuck in the 70s.

That's how it is here on Tenerife Island.

What happened?

I was driving from the shop when I saw cars standing by the road, and a girl walking in the grass there. I quickly realized there is some problem. And it was. I saw a cat. I immediately stopped the car and run there.

The girl told me, the cat was hit by a white car driving in front of her. So I didn't wait a second and went for the cat to take her to the vet.

She was in big shock, full of blood on her head and eyes. Ear was torn apart etc. But I saw, the cat didn't want to hurt me. Not a single time did any attempt to hiss or bite or scratch. Girls mother who was there with her brought a blanket. I took the blanket and grabbed the cat.

At the same time, an elderly woman came by and offered help. Because I got the cat in my hands I couldn't drive at the same time, so I asked the people if they can get the cat and I will drive. The elderly woman offered to drive since I was holding the cat already.

Of course, I agreed and went into her car. The young woman who was there first offered to stay with my car until I come back.

We went to the vet as quickly as possible. Cat was immediately sedated and put into a transport box. Then I asked the doctor to save the cat for any cost and left awaiting information about the cat.

In the evening I got a message. The cat is alive but in big pain. The next day will be surgery to arrange all needed.

There are needed tests for leucemia to know where to place the cat. Of course, we take her to our place. We are prepared for both situations because we have positives separately from others, so they will get a new friend in case of leucemia.

Finally, we got results and she is negative. Very good news!

Also, we already have a woman who would like to take care of her. It is the mother of the girl who helped save the cat.

To be honest, these people, who helped save the cat are the very first on this island who offered real help and really helped. But it is not so clear. They are not canarios. I guess the girl with her mom is from the UK and the elderly woman is from Madrid.

We are very very thankful to all of them to help save a life! They are the 0.00001% who care about others and have a heart.

Now the beauty is in our care. Separated in a big double cage with a little house, to feel safe. In the end, it is a street cat and she is very afraid of people. We hope with all our hearts, she will recover very soon and will be able to be happy again.

I wish with all my heart and soul to the person who did it, absolutely the same. Be hit by a car and left on the side of the road. Bleeding without care of the one who did it. Maybe then people finally understand how hyenic and cynical they are.

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