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Panleukopenia - The cat killer

There has been said a lot. Basically, all doctors and smart-asses tell you, there is absolutely no cure for this virus and if your cat gets it, there is no chance to save her.

That's a very big mistake and a very big disinformation and lie.

First - actually exist some so-called treatments which claim to save the cat with panleukopenia - personally after experience with many cats, I don't trust these and I guess it is only marketing, water with some vitamins and painkillers, so your cat seems to be better after using it. But all the cats after our experience died anyway.

So much sadness and crying we experienced, you can't even imagine all those poor little babies who have to leave this world because some fucking virus decided to kill them.

So we started to search and research and for any cost wanted to find a way to help them. Of

What we found wasn't much surprising, because that is how is it working in this ugly world. Pharmaceutical companies have a way to treat this virus, but it is not profitable for them to release the antidote and save thousands of cats. Also, governments (especially Canarians) are not protecting cats and want them dead. In fact, 3 years ago they spent 600.000eur to eliminate cats only on the island of Tenerife. Those barbarians simply killed cats on the street.

After finding out all this we got very sick and our mission was to beat the system and find a way to save these.


By all rules and ways, this virus can't be cured by any known cure, but there is one way how it can be beaten. And it is a cat itself. Cat has so great immunity that she can beat the virus and heal completely. The problem is, the virus attack all internal organs and does it very quickly, so the cat has no time to create defense and usually loses the fight.


If you support the immune system of the cat and give you all that the virus attack, then the cat has still enough power to destroy it and totally heal with no consequences. Nobody found this out, because nobody had done dying cats for the same disease in a few short months as we did.

We were so "lucky" that we got an epidemy of panleukopenia and we had to bury all of them until we found a way how to save them.

At first, we rush to a veterinarian of course because it starts with diarrhea. After two more visits and a very weak cat, the vet tested the cat positive. What did she do? She gave us only some vitamins (almost water) and treated us like idiots and we were at that time. Thanks to her dozens of cats and kittens died because she is the veterinarian who has to lose the license immediately.

She also sterilize cats (males) in 5 minutes (just take a cigarette and it's done) we were surprised why those cats were so scared after the procedure and then we found out. No anesthesia, no nothing. Just cut them alive not care about their pain.

I want to name this vet. because I want nobody to go there anymore. This was not the only case where she does really ugly stuff to cats and dogs and hurts them a lot. some of them never came back who they were.

The clinic's name is: D.N P...O and the fucking bitch who kills pets is E....A!

Please go very around this place. 300m under her is another clinic where they take all very seriously and care of the pet is on totally on another level. Name of the great clinic which is by the way 24/7 is HOSPIVET SUR.

Any questions regarding panleukopenia just don't hesitate to ask we are here for you to help and give you as much advice as possible to help you make your pet better or even save them.

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