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Nearly fallen angel

Is it fair to cut a little kitten's leg because some person hit him with the car?

It's horrible to see the little baby lying on the street like she's dead. Due to people who don't care about anything but themselves, I'm extremely angry at this point. "Kill" the cat and don't even care and go on.

It is really terrible world where do we live now!

The poor little baby was rescued by one person who did care and took her home. Her name is Laura.

She really wanted to keep her at home forever, but her landlord didn't allow any pets.

She gave her the best possible care that she can at home. The kitten was sleeping for almost 2 days. Having deep scratches on fur, broken ears, and the most important: broken leg ! ! !

I can't imagine how much the kitten had to suffer before her rescuer came and how hopeless she must feel that time. Awaiting her own death when she was only 6 weeks old. This is what nobody really wants to see or even know.

We agreed to meet at a vet clinic where we usually go with cats, so we can help the kitten to better shape.

Laura came on time (here in monkey land very rare) and we came in. The baby got immediately full service from a doctor. All the scans and all needed checks.

The broken leg was really badly broken. Luckily kitty didn't feel any pain because her little paw was broken in the joint and the arteries were severed. Good for pain, bad for the paw. It means it must be cut anyway.

What a ***** !!! Not only to be hit with a car with a driver who doesn't help, but also loses a leg? Fu*king as*hole. Can't speak a better language. I'm still even too nice!

So we took the baby home. She was too small to be operated immediately because anesthesia could hurt her, so we had to wait.

We named her Victoria, as Laura requested.

Viki was a fighter and a very independent kitten. She was very curious, happy, and playful. She was using her non-functional paw partly to help her run, but most of the time her leg interfered.

Time was running and Viki got used to her new home. She was pretty relaxed, queen of the room, and a very jealous baby of mine. She demanded lots of cuddling and always need to be kissed a lot. She really loves to be kissed. In fact, when she is nervous it calms her down.

Finally, the day has come and we went to the clinic with Queen Viki.

Drove her in in the morning and went back home to wait. It was really nervous day. We were afraid of her. Still wasn't sure if she will have no problem with the surgery and how sad she will be when she wake up and we will not be there.

The surgery ended and we went to meet her immediately.

She was still a little high after anesthetics, but she definitely recognized us. Being very happy to see us tried to walk closer, but her coordination was really bad at that time. We spent there about an hour with her until the clinic closed and went home.

Because we are an shelter and we are trusted by the clinic, we were able to bring her home the very next day. Through the night I was still nervous, but by the morning all was gone when I took my meowing baby from the clinic.

At home, we had to take care of her stitches. As she is a very active cat, it was difficult to keep her calm for at least the first few days to not break the stitches. We decided to lock her in a smaller cage to be sure she will not hurt herself. She didn't really like it, but it was important for her.

Two days later I let her walk around the room and of course she was a bad girl. Every day I had to change her bandages because she always took them down and even bite out one of the stitches.

Today it is a few weeks after her surgery and Viki is a super happy very active beauty who is waiting for new family.

She is a bit shy in front of strangers, but she is also loving member of family.

Unfortunately, people don't like non-perfect cats, so nobody adopted or even asked for her yet. If she grows a few more months, she will lose her chance to be adopted. We hope she finds her new family as soon as possible. Three-legged black and white cat? Doesn't stand a chance.

Let's hope, there will be someone who cares about the mentality and soul of the cat, rather than the number of paws.

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