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New law to protect animals - Are cats finally safe?

Even if the new law doesn't mention cats specificly, it is ment for animals in general. Let's hope, cats are involved too.

The new Animal Protection Law is giving a lot to talk about due to its novelties and its main prohibitions, which in most cases have not been liked by citizens. At the moment it is a project that is being processed in the Courts and that was presented on International Animal Day, but that is generating controversy, especially because it will almost certainly go ahead and enter into force.

That is why it is very important to know what changes there will be with this new law, what will be prohibited and allowed, so as not to commit any infraction and, above all, to be prepared for the care of animals.

The main thing is that a course to have a dog is established as mandatory , although its duration and content are still a mystery. However, it will be necessary to guide the population to take good care of the companion animal and to avoid the dreaded abandonment.

As for the prohibitions, there are many and we are going to make them known to you.


It will not be allowed to mistreat animals, physically attack them or do anything that causes them physical or psychological harm. Of course, not death either.


Neither in closed or open spaces, it will be totally prohibited. Besides, many animals have a chip, so it is easy to track down the owners and impose sanctions.


One of the most delicate elements. In summary, all will be prohibited except for medical reasons and the advice of a veterinarian in the event of incurable diseases or those that endanger animal, human or environmental health. And all to avoid the suffering of the animal as well.

That is, everything else will not be allowed. Animals may not be slaughtered due to overpopulation, for financial reasons, for lack of places to accommodate them, for not finding someone to adopt them, for abandonment of the person in charge, old age, injury, illness or problems with their behavior.

Nor can they be sacrificed in public places and they will not be able to participate in shows or others that even put them in danger of death. However, those that are for scientific purposes, which have their own law, are excluded.


Totally prohibited except for veterinary criteria and those that serve to limit the reproductive capacity are excepted. Neither can they be made for aesthetic reasons or for the improvement of a species.


We have already introduced it before. They will be prohibited in public shows or artistic, tourist or advertising activities that cause them anguish, pain or suffering. Going to the specific, they cannot be used in mechanical attractions or carousels, in circuses, Christmas nativity scenes, horseback riding or processions, in which the animal is kept in an unnatural way according to the characteristics of its species, or immobilized for the duration of the event.


Little can be said, they will not be allowed. Neither teach the animal to cause harm to people or instigate it.


They cannot be forced beyond their means, neither in quantity nor in time.


They used to be used to get more money, but it will no longer be possible.

Accessories that cause them harm

Spikes, necklaces that cause damage, electrical appliances or anything that chokes them cannot be used.

Human food

No companion animal may be used for human or animal consumption.


It is the practice that involves the capture and care in captivity of certain field birds in order to train them to sing. It will not be allowed.


The same cannot be won as a prize of any kind in raffles, promotions, sweepstakes and the like.

Offal feeding

They cannot be given food that has not passed health checks. That is, they cannot be given viscera or dead animals.

Lock them up too long

With this measure, special care must be taken, since they cannot be permanently on terraces, balconies, roofs, storage rooms, basements, patios and the like or vehicles.

Drag them with vehicles

They cannot be tied up and moved through a running engine.

Put in Liberty

Their introduction to the natural habitat or their release will not be allowed.


The removal of pet carcasses is prohibited without verifying their identification, when mandatory, and failure to notify the competent administration of the removal of the carcass of an identified pet.

Three days alone

That will be the limit except for dogs, which cannot be unsupervised for more than 24 hours.


The requirement will be that the animal must be fully identified to be legal.


The use of animals as an advertising claim is prohibited, except for the exercise of activities related to them, in which case authorization must be obtained.

Pet shops

The commercialization of pets in stores, as well as their exhibition and exhibition to the public for commercial purposes, is prohibited. In addition, the transmission, onerous or free, of animals can only be carried out directly either from the person responsible for the breeding, or from an Animal Protection Entity, without intermediaries, whether they act onerous or free of charge. The transfer of animals between individuals must be, in any case, free and be reflected by contract.

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