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Red Skull and surgery

After so long wasted time thanks to canary monkeys we finally was able to help our poor baby. In fact, it was maybe worth, because the result is absolutely awesome, even if the chances wasnt high.

Because Red Skull will get her out video story, I will not describe all to details. Instead I inform you about the result and future.

Surgery was successful and our hero has a face again. I know, it looks more like an horror cat now, but time will fix it.

She is now on aftersurgery at our trusted clinic where we are visiting her every day. She is eating by hole in the neck now, to have as much realx of face muscles, but she is fine. Using toilet and even purring when I touch her and relax with her.

We are very happy about her. She is incredibely strong cat and she really want to live alot.

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