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New Canarian law includes cats as a hunting species

In a question to the Government, a Catalan senator has echoed the complaint of the animal associations of the Canary Islands, which indicate that all cats without identification that are in hunting grounds can be hunted

Senator Carles Mulet, member of the Parliamentary Association in Defense of Animal Rights (APDDA) , has denounced to the Government the draft of the Biodiversity Law of the Canary Islands because he maintains that it includes cats as a species of hunting.

In a statement sent this Tuesday, the Compromís parliamentarian also warns that the new regulation that is intended to be approved will require municipalities to eradicate urban feline colonies and contains other modifications that can be harmful to many animals.

In a question that he has formulated in writing to the Government, Mullet has echoed the complaint of the animalistic associations of the Canary Islands, which point out that the new law seeks to regulate that all cats without visible identification - that is, those that have owners and those who have chip- that are in hunting grounds can be hunted.

Likewise, the associations have warned that the future law wants municipalities to avoid and eradicate feline colonies, while the CER (TNR) method - Capture, Sterilization, Return - does not appear in the text, despite being a scientific method, the most effective , according to animalists, for the control of feline populations.

The associations also emphasize that the new law proposes that private ferrets be sterilized , but not those that are in the possession of hunters, which could reproduce uncontrollably when they are lost or are foreseeably abandoned.

The senator has also asked the Government if, in the draft Animal Welfare Law that is being prepared, measures will be included that can guarantee the ethical management of urban feline colonies following the CER model throughout the Spanish territory.

Mulet is also interested in whether, in the new law of the central government, the impossibility of considering feral domestic animals as hunting species or the application of ethical methods of population control of species that prohibit, for example, the shooting of goats, as has recently been reported to the Cabildo de Tenerife.

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